Monogram-a-Week: 013

Above: Calligraphic/written. Below: Lettered/drawn.

This week's entry: "EO." I drew the lettered version first, and, dissatisfied with my (very) haphazard draftsmanship, decided to revisit the monogram with some chunks of leftover graphite. Personally, I much prefer the calligraphic execution's texture and contrast to the lettered form.


Monogram-a-Week/Whenever: Patriotic Extra

By my reckoning, I owe you guys at least eight nine monograms. Regular releases will resume next week, so keep your eyes peeled!


Monogram-a-Week: 11

The eleventh installment in our ongoing, haphazardly updated series. The full initials should be "WJS," but I couldn't quite fit the "J" into it.


Monogram-a-Week: 10

Trying something new this week: Letters made out of holes punched in bristol board using nails. The board was then backlit and photographed. Not entirely happy with the results, though--might make a refined version next week.