Requisite End-of-the-Year Retrospective

Second year has officially expired, wherefore I suppose you expect me to indulge in some obligatory thoughtful reflections and other such whatnot. Unfortunately, I'm not really in the mood for anything of the sort. If you must know, it's because I just finished my last exam to-day, and as a consequence would like nothing but inertia.

But I am not that cruel, and so will supply you with a whirlwind tour of this past year, along with a [snide] remark or two. Let me say, then, that it transpired rather quickly (perhaps too quickly), and was not without its highlights and nadirs, which I won't--nay, refuse to--elaborate. Some of it was rubbish (read: women), some of it was drunk, a healthy portion thereof--inebriated moments included--was thankfully lucid, and fine company and conversations were had by all. The end.

Now that the past is buried, let us attend to the future, which will be far more exciting. First and foremost, I'll be upgrading to [cue trumpets] a Cintiq 12WX soon (lo, I tremble with anticipation!). Shameless word-of-mouth advertising aside, I'll probably be working in some creative capacity over the summer (freelancing, graphic design, & marketing), which will no doubt prove far more interesting than, say, vegetating in Hyde Park.

Rumor has it that I'll also be designing year's Chicago Life (gratis, as is the University's wont), the handy-dandy magazine/codex that the University sends to every incoming first-year. More importantly, I'll be living in fairly close proximities with the finest company the University affords, and it suffices to say that there shan't be a dull moment.

Anyhow, here's an illustration I did for the Grey City Journal (a fine publication that recommends itself to all University students) a while back on University alumni involved in the '08 elections:

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