The Onset of Winter, Dementia

Drawn in Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Photoshop CS3,
with the aid of copious amounts of caffeine

Coursework and habitual neglect, my perennial demons, have yet again successfully conspired against my updating this blog. But fear not, my dear reader, for Your Cartoonist is alive and well (at least for now), and annexing new fiefdoms to his Artistic Empire, no less, because he also cannot say "no" to new and exciting commissions, such as the tentative magazine cover above.

Alas, winter at the University is rarely this delightful
(drawn by hand and in Photoshop CS3)

Unfortunately, your cartoonist's genetic inability to decline assignments is proving to be a real liability; he's now pretty much up to his eyeballs in work and dreadfully depressed as a consequence (fare thee well, nascent social life!). As if more evidence of the deleterious effects of excessive work is wanting, he has given to referring to himself in the third person, and writes blog posts at inordinate hours.

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