An Epiphany, Illustrated

Some spot illustrations for an article about the author's personal journey of faith, featured in the latest issue of the Hypocrite Reader.

India ink & Copic Sketch 110 on Bristol; vectors drawn in Illustrator.

"Despair was in the mirror, in the streets, in the faces of my friends; behind my eyes were nooses and pills and razors."

"All at once I recognized that her eyes were of a different class of being than her coat was. I recognized that this was consciousness, that she was right then in the act of perceiving, and that perception was individuated and unrepeatable...A human being is made animate by forces within."

"I was happy and I felt very alive and a sentence came fully formed into my head: The world is made animate by benevolent forces...This was exactly the kind of invisible, instantaneous transformation I'd been waiting for...Air was no longer merely air, but a substance trembling with light that communicated my own living essence..."

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