A Cheery Forecast

Finding one self in the basement of Ida Noyes at 4:30 in the morning occasions the utmost distress. Fortunately, those hours were not spent in vain:

A flier for the OBS (Organization of Black Students) account regarding an upcoming movie screening that will precede a forthcoming engagement*. Speaking of which, I really wouldn't mind a bout of jungle fever at the moment on account it being, um, negative one billion-trillion degrees in Chicago.
Another flier for the organization of record, this time advertising the main event. Made in Illustrator with the aid of much, much caffeine.

Before I forget: The Maroon's new illustrator, the very amicable Ms. Nicole Lipitz, has started a blog, which you can find here. Be a dear and visit her, won't you? And write to encourage her to compose more posts while you're at it!

*I'm sharing this with you for want of a non-disclosure agreement; also, with sincere apologies to the fellow who designed the actual Jungle Fever lobby card.

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Nicole Lipitz said...

Okay, okay! I made a post!

Thanks for the link.

And excellent posters!