Long Live Analog!

India ink, watercolor lampblack wash, and color pencil (!) on bristol board; minor color adjustments in Photoshop CS3

I bought a set of old-fashioned lettering pens and nibs a few days ago, and have been experimenting with them since. So far, the results are impressive: The pressure control of a two-dollar No. 55 student dip pen (yes, the kind you dip in inkwells) is simply peerless; Wacom's tablets are but pale (and expensive) imitations in comparison, at least when it comes to inking.

That said, the former is not without its drawbacks. Improper penmanship can easily result in unsightly ink blobs, excessive pen pressure can ruin the drawing surface, and India ink is a punishing medium in general. But I suppose that one indulges in analog illustration for the same reason one shoots film in this day and age: For the discipline it breeds and unmatched results it produces.

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